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Common Orthodontic Procedures

Common Orthodontic Procedures

Common Orthodontic ProceduresThere are many terms that get tossed around at an orthodontics office, some of which may be unfamiliar to an average patient. At Macdonald Orthodontics in Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona, we never want you to feel out of the loop while we chat, so be sure to ask if anything we say needs clarification. In the meantime, check out these terms that describe a few common orthodontics procedures.

Banding: The process of fitting and cementing orthodontic bands to your teeth.

Bonding: The process of attaching brackets to your teeth using special orthodontic cement.

Cephalometric X-ray: An X-ray of your head that shows the relative positions and growth of the face, jaws, and teeth.

Consultation: A meeting with your orthodontist to discuss a treatment plan.

Debanding: The process of removing cemented orthodontic bands from your teeth.

Debonding: The process of removing cemented orthodontic brackets from your teeth.

Impressions: A model of your mouth made by biting into a soft material that hardens into a mold of your teeth. Your orthodontist will use these impressions to prepare your treatment plan and to make retainers.

Invisalign®: An alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign straightens your teeth with a series of clear custom-molded aligners. Invisalign can correct some, but not all, orthodontic problems.

Ligation: The process of attaching an archwire to the brackets on your teeth.

Panoramic X-ray: An X-ray that rotates around your head to take pictures of your teeth, jaw, and other facial areas.

At Macdonald Orthodontics, we love helping people get the smile they’ve always wanted and promoting excellent oral health.. Please contact our Mesa orthodontics office at (480) 470-7795 or our Gilbert orthodontics office at (480) 568-1052 or Gilbert orthodontics office at 480-568-1052 to schedule an appointment to begin your journey to a healthier mouth.

Posted: October 2021