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Mouthguards in Mesa & Gilbert, AZ

Mouthguards in Mesa & Gilbert, AZ

Mouthguards in Mesa & Gilbert, AZA mouth guard is used by athletes of all ages to protect teeth from trauma during competitive and individual sporting activities. They are made of a variety of materials, some relatively flexible and others quite rigid. Getting a custom-made mouth guards in Gilbert and Mesa from our orthodontics office is the best way to protect your teeth and mouth during vigorous activity.

Over-the-counter mouth guards are available in "boil and bite" versions, which are formed to the individual's mouth, and "ready to wear" versions, which cannot be customized and offer the least protection. While better than nothing, these aren't the best option for mouthguards.

Benefits of a Mouthguard

The American Association of Orthodontists advocates the use of mouth guards by children and adults during organized and recreational sporting activities. The use of mouthguards can protect teeth, gums, cheeks and the tongue from damage during sporting events and other activity. Our custom fit mouthguards will offer excellent protection any time they are worn, just don't forget to put it in before the clock starts!

We provide only the finest orthodontic care in Arizona, including when making custom mouth guards. We serve you as a guest, listen to your needs and provide you with the quality treatment and products that you deserve.

At Macdonald Orthodontics, our knowledgeable, caring, and friendly staff hope to earn your trust from the moment you walkin by providing the utmost quality care. Just call our Mesa orthodontics office or Gilbert orthodontics office or stop in to arrange for a consultation. We will be happy to discuss the many affordable options available to meet your dental needs.

Posted: November 2021