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What is a palatal expander?

What is a palatal expander?

What is a palatal expander?The palatal expander "expands" (or widens) your upper jaw by putting gentle pressure on your upper molars each time an adjustment is made. The images below will instruct you about when and how to adjust your expander. When you achieve the desired expansion, you will wear the appliance for several months to solidify the expansion and to prevent regression. These steps should always be completed by a professional unless otherwise directed.

Step 1

What is a palatal expander?In a well-lit area, tip the patient's head back.

Step 2

What is a palatal expander?Place the key in the hole until it is firmly in place.

Step 3

What is a palatal expander?Push the key toward the back of the mouth. You will notice the fender will rotate and the new hole will appear. The rotation stops when the key meets the back of the expander.

Step 4

What is a palatal expander?Press back and down toward the tongue to remove the key. The next hole for insertion of the key should now be visible.

After an initial visit to Macdonald Orthodontics in Mesa or Gilbert, our team will let you know If you are a candidate for a palatal expander. This valuable tool will ensure that you get the right treatment to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. If you're unhappy with your bite or smile, give us a call at the location nearest you to schedule your initial appointment at our Mesa orthodontics office or Gilbert orthodontics office.

Posted: January 2022